POSITIVE IMAGES  are looking for a Social Worker Maternal Infant Health Program
This job requires a bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience.
This is a Full Time, Regular Employee position located in Detroit.


PURPOSE: To work with a multidisciplinary team by providing maternal support services. The goal of Maternal Support Services is to alleviate social and psychosocial problems, health education deficits and transportation needs for medical appointments, and to aim for a delivery of a healthy baby at full term. The goal of Infant Support Services is to work with parent/caregiver of a high-risk infant to help the baby to stay healthy, to obtain well baby visits, medical care, immunization and link families with community agencies.

Educational Requirements:

All social workers must possess current Michigan licenser as a licensed social worker.

• Possession of Master’s of Social Work (MSW); or

• Possession of a Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW)

Experience Requirements:

Each of the above-degreed social workers must have at least one year of experience providing services to families.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist multidisciplinary team in addressing needs of clients;

2. Attend weekly multidisciplinary team meetings;

3. Respond to referral promptly to meet the needs of clients within a maximum of 7 days for ISS and 14 days for MSS;

4. Complete psychosocial and nutritional assessment. Assessments are t be made within 48 hours of discharge for referrals received prior t the client’s discharge from inpatient setting;

5. Identify the scope of client’s needs for MSS or ISS services;

6. Provide social work education as needed;

7. Complete plan of care form for each program participant;

8. Provide professional intervention services in homes of clients (when possible) for the specific purpose of implementing the client’s plan of care;

9. Arrange transportation as needed for health , substance abuse treatment, support services, and or pregnancy-related appointments/pediatric related appointments;

10. Refer clients to needed resources including mental health, substance abuse, medical care, pediatric care, etc.;

11. Coordinate medical care with medical care providers;

12. Assess immunization status, take appropriate action and record findings including dates of immunization (when available);

13. Provide childbirth classes or parenting education classes as needed; and

14. When appropriate, seek Child Protective Services (CPS) in a timely manner;

15. Develop working knowledge and understanding of Positive Images’ policies and procedures.

All professional visits are to be provided (when possible) in the client’s home.

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