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Tameka Raymond, the mother of Usher’s two boys, has filed court papers in Georgia, demanding that the judge strip Usher of joint physical custody immediately. In the documents, Tameka claims that Usher has failed on several occasions to ask for her permission to travel with the kids outside of the country.

Tameka also points out that Usher failed to:

— get her approval before hiring nannies

— give her first shot to watch the kids when he’s away for more than 8 hours

— allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011

— let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010

Usher’s ex is also extremely miffed that he closed her Saks Fifth Avenue credit card, which he promised he would never do, so now she can’t enjoy the special benefits included with the card. According to the docs, Usher also promised to pay $5,000 per month for a nanny, which he’s yet to do, and now owes Tameka $35,000 in back pay.

The hearing for Tameka’s case is set for Wednesday. Stay tuned for the outcome.

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