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Roc Nation’s J. Cole has stepped forward to weigh in on the tension brewing between Young Money leader Lil Wayne and his Roc Nation boss Jay-Z as heard on recent diss tracks.

Speaking with radio host Angie Martinez, Cole downplayed the situation’s seriousness.

“I honestly don’t think it feels like anything, for real. I don’t think like it feels — I’m sure they throwing jabs on songs, but don’t we all do that?,” Cole said. “That’s just part of the game — Wayne’s just happened to be like, OK, you went all the way. You really let it be known. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a jab-throwing sport. I personally like it. I love to hear when I hear a jab and I know it. I love it.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid recently co-signed a lyrical battle between Jay and Weezy.

“Hip-hop needs this little, like, lyrical war,” Whoo Kid said when asked for his opinion on Jay-Z and Lil Wayne going at one another. I think, some people think it’s stupid but we need stuff like this to get the hype back in hip-hop because Nas and Jay-Z [beefing in 2001] was historical and then it blew both of them back up so I think this would be kind of cool. And then Lil Wayne was a little lyrical in whatever he said so I think Jay-Z should come back and both of them have good albums. So it’s not like two wack albums going against each other.” (E! Online)

Comparing Jay’s “H.A.M.” track to Weezy’s “I’m Good” response, rapper Pusha T recently said Hov has a slight edge as things stand now.

“I’m a hip-hop fan, I listen to everybody, I listen to everything,” Pusha told Funkmaster Flex Wednesday (September 7) night. “I personally thought the Jay swipe, if that was a swipe because I never heard him say it was a swipe, but the Jay swipe, I thought that was like, mean. I thought it was a mean swipe. But then, the way Wayne flipped back on the new one, that was hot. That was hot as well. That was good. That was good. But see, you know me, I get caught up in a level of realness and that — when you can say, ‘Who really would do what and what really makes a little bit more sense in reality?’ I get caught up in that. You know, when you get caught up in that, you know, it’s reality. The Jay one sounded a little bit more realer, I think Wayne was clever with his, but Jay’s was a little bit, I felt like that was coming from the heart, like he really, really feels like that. ‘If’ it’s a swipe.” (Hot 97)

A few weeks ago, Cash Money’s Bow Wow said he fully stood behind Wayne and Jay having a friendly hip-hop battle.

“From the fans’ perspective, I look at it as this is something they want,” Bow explained. “Why not? Battle rapping has been going on in hip-hop since it was created. This is something that’s been in our sport for years…[Boxing champion] Floyd Mayweather is the best but they say he ain’t the best until he fights [Manny] Pacquiao. Sometimes you might have to man up and go for the gold. We see the Patriots going at the Giants. We seen two good teams always go at each other, so how come two great rappers [can’t] go at each other? You have two giants going at each other. To me it’s all competitive, it’s a form of art, it’s rap, it’s something we seen before. But, if you’re gonna do it, then, do it.” (XXL Mag)

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