As you may have heard Kanye West and his former friend and artist Consequence have been beefing.

Big Sean Speaks On The Kanye & Consequence Beef [Video]

Recently G.O.O.D Music Artist Pusha T was on Chicago’s WGCI, where morning host Leon Rogers, of Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riot, asked Pusha T if he was planning on putting out a diss track. Rogers went on to say that a battle between the two is something he would like to see. Pusha T’s response:

“Really… You are like the first person to ever say that…never nobody ever told me they wanted to hear Consequence.”

After hearing the interview Consequence called into the Morning Riot today to respond to Pusha T:

“He lyrically can’t compete”

Consequence on why Kanye never said anything to Pusha T regarding the situation:

“He has never said anything regarding our situation because he is a worker. He’s a worker! He was a jet fuel to Pharrell Williams and he is going to be jet fuel for Kanye West…He is a live body”

Consequence On Himself:

“I am the most talked bout commodity in hip hop…I am gone go ahead and say it, I probably am the best pure lyricist in hip hop and in music right now”

Consequence went on to say the only person who can straighten the problems out between him and Kanye is Jay Z. They finished the interview by premiering Consequence’s new track “Every Told Me To Straighten It Out”. He says the track addresses the situation well.

Consequence On Kanye West Beef: “I Wasn’t Trying To Air Anybody Out”

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