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21-year-old Prarie View University student Kirko Bangz hit it big on the Houston airwaves with his catchy Auto-Tuned record “What Yo Name Iz” and landed a deal with Warner Bros. While at first listen you might mistake his single for a Lil Wayne and Drake mixtape cut, Kirko is taking the time to develop his craft and make a name for himself.

You’re signed with Warner Bros., right? How did you catch their attention?


Me and my team, the independent label LMG, we were out here in Houston grindin’ and we got a buzz poppin’ out here, and they came down and heard about us.


Houston had a real big year around 2005, with the success of guys like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Mike Jones all around the same time. Do you think there’s another wave of Houston artists coming comparable to that?


I don’t know, because that was a strong wave that came through in 2005. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to duplicate that. That’s like somebody trying to be the next Michael Jordan or the next Michael Jackson. But I think we do have a lot of talent and a lot of potential, so if everybody gets together it can happen. I wish everybody a lot of luck.




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