MIXTAPE DROPPED: March 28th, 2011

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Music Videos featuring Trina:


Label: Slip N Slide – Hosted by DJ ill Will & DJ Holiday

The Miami Diamond Princess, Ms. Trina, has returned to retake the game by storm with her brand new mixtape entitled ‘Diamonds are Forever.’ Diamonds must be forever because after a decade within the game, Trina can still rock the fans with any of her material whether brand new or classic. She can flow on any beat, no matter the producer, that has been known as one of her best qualities, besides her ability to always carry a crowd. On this new mixtape, she really brings in the production as her lyrics seriously flow over them like water. Trina blasted back into the game regaining her spot as the Diamond Princess and this time she bought a full arsenal of production. This mixtape is just a prelude of what’s to come on her forthcoming album.


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