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Just when we thought he had his anger in check…

Tuesday morning (3/22) got a little wild on the set of Good Morning America, and it wasn’t because of the Breezy fans. Now everybody out there knows about Chris and his situation with Rihanna, what happened, the news coverage and all that… and as you can probably guess, Chris and his people don’t like talking about it. Well that didn’t stop Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts from asking a couple questions about the incident that Chris probably didn’t think he’d hear about again.


Well, Chris… you thought wrong

Sources on-set say that it was obvious that Chris was getting more and more upset about the questions regarding his attack on Rihanna and the legal issues he’s been facing as a result. He tried several times to bring the conversation back to his album and the present time, but that fact that Roberts wouldn’t allow the questions to go unanswered did not sit well with Brown (see the video footage below). As soon as the cameras stopped rolling (of course) Chris lashed out verbally and stormed back to his dressing room where he apparently went bananas and caused the hair and makeup people to call the security office.


By the time security personel arrived it was a wrap…

Chris had completely torn the room apart, even busting out a dressing room window which then shattered and fell down onto 43rd and Broadway below. Apparently he went into beast mode after the window… tore off his shirt and stormed out of the building, saying ‘Deuces’ to the second performance he was supposed to do for the show’s website. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOOTAGE BELOW


It’s got to be tough living with the guilt that follows you around when you’re publicly humiliated over an incident like Chris was, but it has to be expected that 2 years time and a few hit singles wouldn’t wash away the fact either, so who’s at fault? There really is no excuse for going off like The Hulk and smashing everything in site, but when you ask hard-hitting questions, sometimes you get hard-hitting responses. Ultimately, this too shall pass. He may get a probation violation for this new incident (he’s still on Pro-B for felony assault) but he’s already getting hits online and with a new album just dropping THIS MORNING, the temper tantrum seems pretty well timed to work in his favor.


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