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Despite The Controversy, Our City Needs Everyone’s Participation. Read the story below and leave us your comments but please…

Be Sure To Fill Out Your 2010 Census Form!


On Monday, the U.S. Census Bureau launched their campaign to count more than 300 million American residents. They are relying on cutting-edge technology and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to appeal to African-Americans and heighten awareness about the 2010 census.

Yet, one of the form’s 10 questions uses what many consider an outdated and offensive term, and may lead some African-Americans to ask just how far the country has come.

Question No. 9 on the form, which will be mailed out beginning March 15, asks: “What is Person 1’s race?”

The answer choices are: “White; Black, African-American, or Negro; American Indian or Alaska Native.”

While the term “Negro” has appeared in previous census forms, some young or first-time African-American census participants may find it offensive, which could present a problem for the 2010 census campaign, which has focused on inclusion.

What Do You Think Detroit?

We want to know how this makes you feel, Detroit. Do you think that it was a mistake, a misunderstanding or somebody trying to get the black community not to participate? Speak out and leave us your comments below.


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