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50 Cent has turned the possibility of seeing a reunion with former G-Unit member Game and explained why a collaboration track will no happen.

Despite Game reuniting with Dr. Dre for Detox, Fif said he would not allow himself to be featured on the same track as the outspoken rapper.

“No,” Fif said flatly when asked what his response would be to Dre’s request for a reunion collaboration. “No, I wouldn’t do it. I’d be on a record, on a song, on the [Detox] album, but not on that record [with Game]. That’s not making a song, that’s making an event — things for people to talk about…So there’s a verse there that you think would be great for both of us, I just say, ‘Erase his verse and put something in better than that.'” (MTV)

Fif recently revealed Game’s status with G-Unit Records and said the ex-Unit member is still on his record label.

Hot Rod and Spider Loc are still technically signed to G-Unit Records…[Young] Buck is still signed to G-Unit Records, hopefully he can come up with a record. If he can come up with a song, we can get my money back, you know what I’m saying? I hope he can come up with something right quick. Game is still on G-Unit Records. [With Game,] I’m looking forward to that check at least. They gotta pay me not to put the [G-Unit] logo on it.” (This Is 50)

According to the Black Wall Street leader, his new R.E.D. Album will serve as a reunion with former label boss, Dr. Dre.

R.E.D., I’m just painting the whole world red,” Game promised in an interview with DJ Green Lantern. “It’s basically the re-dedication, it’s my most hood and street album since The Documentary so it’s basically being rededicated to my fans, my family, my kids, my block, my hood. Like, hip-hop, the R.E.D. Album is gonna be crazy. I’m back in with Dre everyday going hard in the studio doing the little stuff, working on Detox with him and he’s working on The R.E.D. Album with me. It’s just, we got a good feeling out here…I did my last two albums without Dre and even though, I just did it on my own man. When I talked to him, he [was like] I’ve been doing a good job and he took a listen and I did my thing. I learned well, my time at Aftermath was spent well, so getting back in, that old feeling came back. The chemistry is crazy, I got a lot of love for that dude and that’s why I never really disrespected him or really went at Aftermath, I only did what I had to do to survive man, but I got love for dude and we back in grindin’ man.” (That’s Hip Hop)

Continuing to keep fans updated via Twitter, Game recently revealed his partnership with Dre.

“Last night at the ‘AFTERMATH HEADQUARTERS’ was Classic !,” he wrote Wednesday (November 4) evening. “Me, Stat Quo & Dre got it in all night. R.E.D. album’s new release is 2/16/10 If for some reason the date changes I will holla at y’all . had to push it back so that me & Dre can wrap it up the right way !!! Aftermath. Community Service is ‘GARBAGE’ !!! R.E.D. gotta track from RZA last night that was amazing….. now all i gotta do is KILL IT !!! aight. headed to the headquarters to get it in…. 1 blood ! R.E.D.” (Game’s Twitter)

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