Those ATL housewives are it again…This time it’s Kim and music producer Dallas Austin who are going in on each other via twitter:

Dallas Austin

Don’t ever put that house wives b*tch in serious music convo please !!! It’s unfair to real talent people. It was only for broken dreams tv!!

Kim Zolciak

Morning! I checked out @necolebitchie and saw that Dallas Austin can’t stop talking about me … yet again! We’re @ 4 mill viewers? You? What have you done lately aside from trying to be on “the Real Housewives of Atlanta” every season and every other show?

Get a grip honey I am beyond you and apparently you can’t stop talking my name to get press. It’s old news and no one cares!

Dallas Austin

High priced hookers on a TV show for screwing married men… and getting Kandi to sing for u ain’t gonna work either.

Why is dude even working with Kim? Can she even sing???

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Check out the housewives: