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Let me first say I really would like people to read this and understand that AJ was a loving Man, Brother, Father, and most important man of God who was misunderstood… I was not going to post the story at first but after talking to someone who was one of his good friends he told me, “don’t let AJ’s name and people think he was a dead beat cause he was one of the most kind, giving, and loving men you will ever meet”..

On Friday, October 9th, family and friends said their final goodbyes to the young man known as Ashley “AJ” Jewell. If you felt like you knew AJ based on what was seen on the television, then you had no idea who this man really was. A portion of his services were dedicated to friends and family saying kind remarks about him. After hearing those statements, I felt compelled to speak out about how irresponsible reality television and bloggers have become and how damaging the media backlash can be to those around the celebrities featured on these shows and blogs. For instance, blog after blog, portrayed AJ as this deadbeat dad who fathered six children with four different mothers. But, did you know that he was not just a “baby daddy” but a husband to two of those mothers? You didn’t know that AJ took care of over 20 kids and helped their families by paying the rent and giving to them what there parents could not…You don’t know that because the media and reality TV coverage ONLY desire to perpetuate the bad, most of the time. And, the networks shooting these shows choose to edit their footage based on ratings and NOT reality.They won’t tell you that ALL his children had healthy relationships with their father and that his desire was to find Mrs. Right. They also won’t tell you that he was raised in a loving home by parents who have been married for more than thirty years. When his brother Isaac had a chance to speak about his brother, he used it as an opportunity to take the mask off of the MEDIA.

He even went so far as to say that the WORD Media derived from from the Latin word Medea, which has biblical ties to a very powerful witch. And through my own research, another root word is Medium, which means a person thought to have the power to communicate spiritually with agents operating from a demonic dimension.(Before you keep reading I have to set the mood, there was only 3 people with cameras in the room when the brother came up to speak. The brother who’s speech was so moving and informative, after giving the speech everyone and their mama was looking at me as I tried to hied my camera in shame cause I was at the time the media. I’m thinking the whole time please God don’t let nothing pop off. ) The bother then went on to talk about the word Hollywood, which were the trees that they wood hang witches on, and how Wizards wood take the branches from hollywood to make their wands. It was a really good speech..

The underlying message is you can not believe everything you read or see on these shows and blogs. When you are reading about these people, keep in mind; this is someone’s sister, someone’s brother, someone’s son, someone’s father. And, you are only seeing a miniscule fraction of their REAL lives. Reality television producers shoot hours and hours of footage but, edit them down to forty minutes of the most “entertaining” aspects of their subject’s lives. AJ’s father Ashley Jewell Sr., who happens to be a Pastor, spoke of a son who knew God, a son he prayed for and with, a son who he anointed with oil. He said his son was special and people who took the time to get to know him picked that up about him. And, his children will be continually be reminded of his short but meaningful legacy. It is unfortunate that he wasn’t able to find that marriage he was searching for with either of his ex-wives or with Kandi Burruss but, it’s evident that he left an indelible mark on each of their hearts.

Though it was for a very short time, I am very happy I was able to meet this guy with the unforgettable smile, Rest in Peace AJ!

Take a look at the pics of those who attended the funeral below:

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