Gucci Mane recently sat down with Miss Info outside of the Zone 6/East Atlanta apartment complex that he grew up in to talk about the cloud of controversy that’s hanging over him and his career [watch below].

During the interview La Flare went into detail about “My Own Worst Enemy,” a song off his upcoming album The State vs. Radric Davis. In the song Gucci touches on some of the things he’s been silent about for a while now- the footage of him hitting a woman, that has made the rounds on youtube, the diss on T.I.’s longtime girlfriend Tiny and his infamous murder charge. Most notably, he opens up about his beef with Young Jeezy and more specifically why he’s been so quiet about it.

“I think one of the most powerful things I said [on] the record [was] ‘let me check my schedule, I’m busy I can meet you three weeks from now’ that was showing why I didn’t respond,” he told Miss Info. “Cuz how can I respond if I’m always gone. What time I’m gone have to pencil in you and me meeting up to have a physical altercation?”

In the song Gucci raps, “I don’t wish no death on homie I just want him to hear me out/Think about the past and all the many things we talked about/Think of all the people that’s influenced by what comes out our mouth.”

Although the message sounds like Gucci is waving a white flag, with apologies to Tiny and comments on how he, T.I. and Jeezy are a lot alike, he makes it clear that the song is not intended to address Jeezy.

“It ain’t for him,” said Gucci, who says he’s not looking for a truce and that it’s not likely that Jeezy would hear the song and get anything good out of it anyway. Instead the message is more for the fans to be inspired than anything else.

He does however include a message for Jeezy in the Miss Info interview: “When I have time and you wanna say something to me or confront me about it, it’s not that I’m looking forward to it or want to do it, it’s just like you will have your opportunity. You don’t got to look for nothing. It’s gone come to you.”

The State vs. Radric Davis will be available in stores December 8. –Brooklyne Gipson

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