sexyfaceFrom Dating Meek White – Ok so I went to this Party that this guy friend invited me to at this club called EDEN in Ferndale Mi. The Party was a drag and the Drinks were so watered down but I was there to show some support so I swallowed my pride bought a high ass watered down drink and stood there bobbing my head to the sounds while tweeting on my cell when all of a sudden my phone dies! (shoot!)

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I headed to the bathroom to see if there was a plug there I could get a quick charge. No freaking luck… (What type of club doesn’t have electric sockets in the bathroom?) So I spied with my little eyes an ATM Machine… I thought to myself, that thing has to be plugged up right? So I’m standing there looking GHETTO with my phone charging trying to down play this whole scene when this guy walks up… He was nothing special. I thought to myself again. Please don’t let him talk to me! But just my luck he spoke… I don’t remember what he said but I found myself putting my number in his blackberry and him mumbling something about how he would be calling me tomorrow.

Fast forward to the middle of the next week I was bored on my lunch break looking through my phone and I noticed his number… (Let’s call him sexy face) so I said what the hell let’s give him a call. He answered. We talked. He sent a picture. I LIKE!!! Maybe there was a little more alcohol in the drinks then I thought because I don’t remember this man looking at all like this! We talked and talked and talked. I found out he was a KAPPA (whatever that means) and we had a few things in common. But more importantly he was soooooo fine! He asked me out for the following Friday and I was so looking forward to this.

Like a true Gentleman he picked me up from home. No flowers but I won’t hold that against him. I stepped on my porch and was greeted by Sean John unforgivable… (yes I know my shit!) 1 Point for sexy face. He was even better looking in person. He was about 6’4” and has a bottom lip made for sucking… m m m. Ok Ok Ok let me get back to the story. I hugged him and didn’t want to let go lol. So we walked to the car and he didn’t open the door for me. (Point taken away) Now fellas. My EX never Ever let me touch a door handle the whole 5 years that we were together… This is going to take some getting use to. We had plans on going to get a few drinks and catching a late movie. His car was nice he had an All Black everything Charger (hemi) We ended up going to Lucky’s Southfield and to our surprise there was a comedy show going on. So we grabbed seats and checked out the comedy show. After a few drinks we decided to go dance a little and over all it was a nice time. As we left the club I could tell he was not ready to take me home and I was not ready to go. He suggested that sense we didn’t get a chance to see the movie maybe we can go back to his house and watch a move. PAUSE!!!! Now just because you took me out for some drinks does not mean I’m going to give you any! Ofcorse I didn’t say that to him lol. I found the words “ok” coming out of my mouth and next thing I know we are on the freeway headed to Novi Michigan.

His house was nice. He fixed us a few drinks and we found a movie to watch. I was so tipsy by then that I ended up falling asleep on his chest. He woke me up and asked if I wanted to get in his bed. (RING THE ALARM!) I told him yes… So I’m drunk in the bed with my super short dress on and all I can think about it who sleeps on white sheets O_o . We somehow finish the movie and he ask if I want him to give me a t-shirt and some boxers. I’m thinking when did we decide that I was spending the night? But his bed was so comfortable that there was no way I was getting up at all. (SLUT!)He tries to kiss me but I was so intoxicated that all I could think about was how my breath smelled and how I did want our first kiss to be a bad one. So I dodged the kiss and turned my head. He didn’t try again. Instead he grabbed me turned me around so that he could spoon me and within 5 minutes he was knocked out. I woke up the next day like where the hell was I. I had a cloudy memory from the night before. I remember being picked up by sexy face, a comedian with a harmonica and the most comfortable bed I had ever been in, in my life.

Good morning beautiful, Sexy face says to me. I smile but then I realize what I must look like and I jump up and excuse myself to his bathroom. Good thing he had one in his room because I heard his roommate walking around behind the door. I finish getting myself to look somewhat presentable and I manage to get stuck in his bathroom. He helps me out and We talk about the night before. The ride home was kind of awkward. He mentions how he tried to kiss me and I shot him down.. I blush. So when sexy face pulls up to my house I say goodbye and hops out as fast as I can. He doesn’t wait for me to get into the house…

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