Footage from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming The Carter documentary has landed online and shows the Grammy-winning rapper imagining himself as the president of the United States of America.

As prez, Weezy declared all of the changes he would make within America.

“I would put cocaine back in Coca-Cola, I would put that back,” Weezy said in a clip from the documentary. “[laughs] I think I’d get love for that. I’d take off all bad substances from sports, so there would be no more steroids [restrictions]. So you could use whatever steroid or hormone to grow you want, as long as you hitting homeruns, it’s fine with me. I would make prostitution legal in about five more states, gambling too. And you know I would legalize weed, first and second and I would put a law to it that there’s no more child support and there’s no more, what they call that stuff when you get married, the little pre-nup, you ain’t got to sign that because she don’t get nothing. Because marriage, that don’t mean nothing because she lay with you for a lot of years she gotta get something? I been laying with a lot of b*tches too these whole times. So, I’d change that…” (The Carter)

Weezy’s film was previously delayed, however, it will now be released next week.

QD3 Entertainment is finally going to release their film on rockstar rapper Lil Wayne to the public. They debuted it at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and reports say the film was well received. After the debut, they met with some resistance from Wayne as he wasn’t too happy about some of the footage found in the film. However, that has been cleared up and as a result the documentary is set to hit retailers on November 17, 2009. (Examiner)

Writing via his daily blog, Kanye West recently inked a brief mention of Wayne’s new documentary.

“FEW WILL EVER LIVE THE LIFE OF A TRUE ROCK STAR,” Ye wrote Sunday (November 8). “WAYNE IS ONE OF THE FEW.” (Kanye West’s Blog)

According to Quincy Jones III, the film will also show Wayne’s dedication to music around the release of his multiple platinum-selling Tha Carter III in 2008.

“The main thing that the documentary shows — I think a lot of people would imagine that Wayne is hanging out in clubs with a bunch of women and drinking champagne and that sort of thing. But I would say the main thing you learn when you watch the film is that Wayne is a workaholic. Straight up. After seeing this I think a lot of people will respect his process a lot more. We were with him like seven or eight months before he went platinum and then maybe two months after.” (Hip Hop Wired)

The Carter will be released on Tuesday, November 17th.

Check out Lil Wayne speaking on becoming the president below:

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