Our first post A Date with my EX! from Dating Meek White was a complete success so we have to bring you more from the ‘HOT Girl’ herself!

Let’s rewind and start from the beginning!

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So Yes, I am entering into the DANGER ZONE! Please proceed with caution… Back out in the dating world and boy has things changed sense 5 Years ago…

I have to catch you guys up. See I have been out on a few dates and I’ll give you a brief description of what I have experienced so far.

Ok we have Ron (changed his name) we went out for drinks a few weeks ago and realized that we were in a Gay bar! How funny is that? I thought it was pretty weird that all the men looked better than me. Ha! Anyway he was a good sport about it but when we were done with our drink we left… There’s something uneasy about techno music and guys looking like they want to rip my date apart. So we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and boy was I starving! I wanted to devour me some traditional wings with Asian Zing sauce but instead I ordered a Mojhito and cursed at myself when his wings and potato wedges showed up. (Dammit!) I did manage to sneak a few bites in between him telling me he was a guitar player and him whipping out his I-Phone to show me the latest video of him performing. I must say i am a sucker for musicians; he had me wrapped right around his finger. When we were done talking and drinking for about another hour he walked me to my car and gave me a nice warm hug goodbye. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship… Or so I thought. He was perfect until he pulled out his cigarettes. (ewwwwwww) Men I am sorry but there is nothing worse than cigarette breath! He could have been the one.