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trick-trick-300x300-2009-03-16From HOTHIPHOPDETROIT – In this game of hip hop, there is more to a man than the headlines report. If you base Trick Trick’s image off headlines he appears to be a rapper you do not want to run into, but I can now speak from my own experience and say that Trick Trick is a humble gentleman. Now don’t get it twisted during this interview Trick Trick states he is ‘the most feared man in hip hop’ and the ‘no fly zone’ is still intact but it all originates from a place of protecting his family but above all his city: Detroit.

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In recent months, Trick Trick has remained out of of the negative shadow the media likes to spotlight focusing on his music, latest single ‘Stay On Fire’ and filming a couple movies. Trick credits this to being a medical marijuana patient.

“It keeps me calm and focused on whatever I am doing”

As Trick’s high began to wear off, the focus began to shift, as he went into a tangent on the importance of voting in the upcoming election. Stating the initiatives that President Obama‘s campaign stood for in 2008 are the same initiatives at stake now. He states that he supports the Democratic Party in Michigan so much that he would have sex with Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

At this point I had to reel him back in and stay focused. Watch the interview below to find out what Trick Trick has been up to and what projects he has coming up. I will say that Trick Trick will always remain a dude you don’t want to piss off but he is definitely moving into a new positive light that will bring up the city of Detroit.

HOT SPOT: AC Interviews Trick Trick from Radio One Detroit on Vimeo.

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