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Dating Meek White – I hate when I am waiting on some one to call me. If you call me and I couldn’t get to the phone but I call you back then you don’t answer the phone… WTF! Ok we are supposed to be grown right.  Anyway sorry I have not blogged in a few days but I have had a few dates that are just not worth blogging about. I did have a date on Sunday with my Ex Fiancé though. Every body knows Ray. But in case you have been living under a rock I’ll tell you who Ray is. Ray is the Best Ex Fiancé any woman could ever have! Lol I know your wondering if he is so great then why the hell you two are not married.

HOT SPOT: Meek White

Well that’s because he is the worst boy-friend any woman could every have!!! Ray and I had a long relationship filled with passion, heartache, drama, ups and downs but we love the shit out of each other. He is my best friend. Lol Ray and I were together for almost 5 years and we were set to get married on May 28th of this year.  Turns out Ray was not Mr. Faithfull and there are just things in life that I refuse to share My man being one of them@!@#@#! But this is not a bash post to talk about how bad my relationship was. Ray is now one of my best friends and he will always play a big big Part in my life…

So Ray came to pick me up I was still laying in bed when he walked in my room and I asked if he wanted to lay down with me. He said “if I lay down can I feel on you”  I said NO!!! Laughing ! it’s just like Ray to try to cop some feels any opportunity. So I got up and we went to my new Fav  Tex-Mex spot Catiliana Diablos over in Ferndale Michigan. We ate and talked and had a few Margaritas’ they have hands down the best-frozen margaritas ever. I updated Ray on the guys I have gone out with. I told him that I was really feeling Sexy-Face (whom I cannot mention anymore because my blog makes him uncomfortable) but then I told him that I don’t think we would be good together…. I mean what guy has over 1000 face-book friends and he is not into promotions, music or anything like that.  Ray thinks I should give him a chance but IDK. Besides he does a lot of little things that really irks me, like it takes him like 3 hours to respond to my text messages and that really makes my blood boils… But he also will do something that makes me smile like I am constantly cracking up whenever I talk to him…Oh well. So I ask Ray about any new women in his life, and he tells me no. He says there are  not going to be any new women because he don’t have time. I think its because he is still in love with me O_o . lol (if he reads this he is going to kill me!!!)

Any way so He swares that he is not sleeping with anyone sense we broke off our engagement. WHATEVER!!!  He already knows he can’t run that ON ME. So we finish up our drinks and then we go and do a little shopping. I automatically loop my arm in his arm as we walk to the car. I’ms just use to him I am comfortable with him and if he wasn’t a big fat cheater we would have had the perfect marriage. But I am a full believer in everything happens for a reason. Maybe one day in the very very very very distant future we might get back together… hmmmmm you never know…


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