Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is facing new allegations of accepting bribes, according to a story published Sunday by the Detroit Free Press.

The newspaper said it reviewed interviews and sworn documents related to the alleged scandal. The Detroit Free Press reports those records show Kilpatrick received as much as $100,000 in bribes while serving as mayor.

The documents claim a contractor from West Bloomfield, Karl Kado, gave Kilpatrick $10,000 and $20,000 payments, which were delivered to Kilpatrick’s office in City Hall. The money was then stashed in secret accounts and never declared as taxable income, according to the Detroit Free Press article.

The newspaper also reports Kato allegedly paid off Kilpatrick to get no-bid contracts for janitorial and electrical work at Cobo Center.

Legal documents also claim Kato paid thousands of dollars in bribes to Kilpatrick’s father, Bernard. Bernard Kilpatrick set up a consulting company a few days before his son took office.

No charges related to these accusations have been filed against Kilpatrick or his father.

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