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Comedian Kevin Hart upset more than a few folks after making the following comments on twitter last night.

Wasn’t John Mayer hounded last week for his comments about black women in Playboy? Imagine if he had used the term “broke ass dark hoes”. Whatever we demand from other cultures and races we should demand from ours as well..


Dear Kevin, I never said you HATED dark skinned woman. I stated that you offended them on twitter which was evident by your second quote about being “so damn sensitive”.

Hugs and Kisses :-p


Anyway, here’s the letter I received on this this morning:


Hey Necole,


So yesterday, a friend of mine retweeted comments by Kevin Hart in regards to light-skinned/dark-skinned women and their credit scores. I immediately called him out on it and he called me sensitive telling me it was just a joke. But here’s my thing, when Don Imus called the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team a bunch of nappy headed hoes, he was joking too and the black community wanted to crucify him! Is Kevin Hart not doing the same thing? Then I get told, it’s comedy all comedians make racial jokes, ok well if your act is centered around race, then you’re not funny, get a better day job.


The problem is that black people continue to perpetuate the ideals and sociological norms of the white slave masters. In Willie Lynch’s address to white slave masters on how to control their slaves separating them by skin color was one of the first things he said. If this white slave owner were alive today he would be so proud of Kevin Hart and those who found that comment funny [I hope you sense my sarcasm].


It makes no sense that even today we are still separating ourselves and measuring our success on the complexion of our skin and not the our character and perseverance to achieve greatness. It deeply saddens me that as a 20 year-old dark-skinned, proud to be chocolate, African American woman there are black men who still believe in the age-old saying “light is right”; I really don’t care about the fact that he claims to have made similar comments about light-skinned women (I didn’t see them and honestly don’t care to) the fact of the matter is that there are so many much more important things to be concerned with. He is only adding to the self-hate and self-discrimination that will continually hold us back and continues to keep our people from reaching our maximum potential.


My goal in tweeting him yesterday was not to go in on him and start a crusade against, but only to educate him on the damage he is doing to our women, and ultimately our people.


Thank you,

T. Weathers


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