Here you will find a wealth of information regarding the enrollment process for students entering Detroit Public Schools for Fall 2010.

Saying "I’m in!" has never been easier.


Gather documentation

All incoming new and re-enrolling students must bring the following:

  1. Immunization Record (more information)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Transcript or report cards from previous school(s)

Visit your school of choice

Once you have gathered the necessary paperwork, call the school to arrange a visit in order to complete the process. Do note: students cannot enroll themselves into a school. A parent or guardian should accompany students.

Enrollment into an examination school, including Cass Tech, and application schools, including Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts, as well as enrolling special needs students require further steps than those listed above. For enrollment information, call 313-240-4DPS (313-240-4377).


Additional Resources

Print a DPS window sign for your home to show support

Early Childhood


Advanced Placement Program


Examination High Schools


Adult Education


Schools of Choice


Enrollment for Homeless Children

Programs and services are provided by the Office of School Social Work Service.


Admission Applications

Examination High Schools


Schools of Choice


For all other schools and for questions, please contact the Department of Pupil Population Management at (313) 873-7590.

All Detroit Public Schools families:

  • will receive a letter which confirms the selection for each student in the family and informs them of the school in which each child is expected to attend in the Fall of 2010. Students must attend the school as indicated on the “Letter of Confirmation” on the first day of school. Transfer requests will not be honored during the first weeks of school.

  • are expected to have all students to report to school and attend all classes the first day of school. The first day of school for the 2010-2011 school year is Tuesday, September 7, 2010.
  • should be advised that attendance agents will be sent to the homes of students who did not report to class the first day of school. Attendance agents will investigate and report the reasons for the student’s absence. Parents/Guardians will be required to re-enroll all students who did not attend school on the first day.
  • are advised of the following change of address procedure:
    • All Open Enrollment Parent Centers will be in operation from July 6 – August 31, 2010 to process address changes
    • Parents/Guardians are asked to visit the Open Enrollment Parent Centers to complete change of address forms if your address changes during the summer.
    • Due to a change in address, parents/guardians may elect to change their school selections at this time.
    • Parents/Guardians who wish to change school selection due to an address change must complete a second Open Enrollment Selection Card
    • Please be advised that the following documentation is required in order to change an address—
      • State Identification Card (Driver’s License, State issued ID card which indicates the new address)
      • Rental Agreement
      • Purchase Agreement or Purchase Verification
      • Utility Bill
      • Automobile Insurance Statement
      • Official mail or document from a local, state or federal agency that includes the new address
    • If a new school is selected, that school will be notified and a new student schedule can be prepared. The student must report to the new school on the first day of school to receive the new schedule. The previously selected school will be notified of the change.

    • Students may remain in the school in which they enrolled from their previous address. In this instance, parents are responsible for the transportation of their child and must update the contact and address information on file with the school.
  • Returning scholar-athletes from Osborn High must enroll at Osborn for the fall semester in order to maintain their athletic eligibility under Michigan High School Athletic Association rules.
Detroit Public Schools, Michigan’s largest school district, serves nearly 90,000 students in 172 schools throughout the city of Detroit. The district’s mission is to create Centers of Excellence in every school in every neighborhood. Read on to learn more about the opportunities behind the doors of every Detroit Public School, and you, too, will want to say, “I’m in.”