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Andre Harrell And LaRonn Harris of Atlantic Records

Andre Harrell has a reputation in the industry for having an eye for talent, discovering acts like Diddy, Mary J Blige, Robin Thicke, Heavy D. and many more. With that said it was a given that when Mr. Harrell rolled through D Town that he hit up the HOTtest radio station here HOT 102.7.

Not only did he come to speak on his new label and the Andre Harrell Superstar Soul Search, but he and Big Greg talked about everything and everyone. The chemistry and understanding in the room was heavy, it felt as though the Andre, the HOT fam and Atlantic Records crew knew each other for years.

On Heavy D:

“He was kind of like a bright light, he wasn’t like a big mess, he was like a big sexy!”

On Jodeci:

“The thing was great about them, that made them stand out is their understanding of church backrounds that took the record to a whole other level.”

On Mary J:

“She had off notes, but her off notes felt like they were purposeful in a sense that she was trying to define the pain she was feeling in the song..she reminded me of a Gladys Knight, she could sing about deep emotion like no one else”

Al B Sure:

“He was the last of the light skinned hot dudes”

On P. Diddy:

“Puff’s talent is his tenacity and work ethic…”

Check out Big Greg, Andre Harrell and the HOT Fam:

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