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Three officers killed, three dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to officials, around 9am Sunday morning police responded to a call of a suspicious man lurking with an assault weapon. Shots were fired upon police arrival. There’s said to be multiple suspects, one of them pronounced dead, two others are still unidentified. Baton Rouge police are asking the help of anyone who knows anything to contact them.

The country has been chaotic since the slain wrongful killings of young black men by non-black police officers in the recent weeks. More specifically the death of Philando Castile, a Father killed in front of his child while his fiance documented the after affects live on Facebook. The other Father Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge killed by police officers while selling cd’s at the corner store. The black community has been speaking out against the inequalities of the justice system, taking to the internet, celebrities, even forming their own organizations and peaceful protests/meetings with local government officials in their respective towns around the country.

Violence does not solve violence, it is not the answer. Our hearts are to the families who have lost loved ones, police officer, or African American citizen. Let’s stop the violence. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @skaii_boxx



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